Instagram, started of as an easy photo­sharing site. Today it’s the quickest growing social media platform in the planet. Over 400 million HIGHLY active users. How active? They share over 70 million bits of content DAILY.


Can it be effective for marketers? Started as a little 1­man operation inside the back of the coffee shop. After leveraging Instagram, it’s turn into a 20+ million dollar PER year business, in just 18 months. How will you fall into upon the action? Try Instamate Software.

  1. Automate Your Instagram Account For LIFE. Have your Instagram posting the foremost viral content on the web daily in ANY niche while engaging with the highest brands followers with your niche in complete autopilot. Instamate 2.0 Review
  2. Worlds First Instagram Affiliate Cloaker Tool Included. Instamate gives many methods to monetize the viral content while having an enormous reach. One of these simple ways is as simple as affiliate marketing & Instamate safely allows you to add affiliate links to Instagram for direct 1 click sales.
  3. Worlds 1st Direct Web Instagram Poster & Scheduler. Never got to worry about syncing photos within your phone, using 3rd party apps to edit & setting alarms to remind yourself it’ time for them to post. Have Instamate post the foremost viral content 24 / 7 for you personally.
  4. No Need To Pay For Ads Again. Instagrams organic engagement has ended DOUBLE that of Facebook & Instagram doesn’t limit organic reach like Facbeook does. Why purchase ads when you are able increase your organic reach by millions with Instamate.
  5. 100% Set & Forget. Simply search any keyword, choose which content that’s gone viral previously, edit accordingly using the displayed top hash tags with your niche & hit Schedule, then relax & watch the leads, engagements and SALES are available.
  6. Monetize Your Authority Sites With 1 Click. While having an enormous audience is great, the key customers want usually is to MONETIZE, so Instamate have added inside a complete content optimizer to feature call to action buttons, watermarks, filters, text & sizing instantly.


Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 FEATURES

  • Find The Right Content In Milisecond In Any Niche. Simply enter your keyword and Instamate will fine the most famous profiles & hash tags in which niche Instantly
  • Post & Schedule Instagram Updates (No Other Tool Can Do This ). Never need to worry about posting an update from the smartphone again. Instamate enables you post direct from the computer & even schedule (heck even Instagram doesn’t have this )
  • Schedule Posts For Months To Come Instanly. Instamate lets you not just post, but schedule posts for months to come. Forget about having to remind yourself of when ‘prime time’ usually is to post or need to use 3rd party tools that remind you when you should post.
  • Direct Upload Your own personal content. Not just Instamate let you perform a 1 click upload of content that’s going viral and trending now, you can also upload your OWN content Instantly
  • Drive Organic Traffic For Free. Hash Tag on Instagram are key at no cost viral traffic so Instamate included a hash tag research tool which offer you the highest trending #tags in a niches to simply copy and paste within your upload !
  • Discover What Your Competitors Are Doing. Instamate will show you ALL of your respective competitors and clearly break down their posts for YOU to discover What‘s working to the confident people (as well as what Isn‘t )
  • See What’s trending on Instagram along with other Social Network. See What’s trending on Instagram and Twitter from any country on the planet with one click.
  • Multiple Accounts Supported (Launch Week Only ). With Instamate you are able to add multiple accounts within your dashboard & switch between them accordingly. You‘ll 3 life time account to the price of 1 membership
  • Full Training. You also obtain a FULL training module showing you the best ways to make use of Insamate. Luke Maguire is personally here to steer you with the entire program with full video tutorials & PDF training.

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